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January 18, 2007

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One of my passions in life is simply to decorate.  I find the most interesting part of decorating is to notice how and WHY other people decorate the way they do… IF they do at all.  I also find it interesting watching novice (and even mature) couples go through the proceedures of deciding who gets what room, or who gets what they want in certain areas of any room.  My husband has begun putting on blinders as he enters the house on any given day, for fear of what may have changed in our homes decor.  I find it exciting and liberating to change colors or styles and he finds it – well, pretty damn annoying actually.  I always wonder,  if people could be honest about what is in their home and WHY, what are the reasons they choose what they are showcasing for family and friends to view.  Stay a few minutes here and add your comments to why your house looks just like it does – right now – messy or not.  Who decided the colors or style?  Did you have to compromise with someone elses taste?  Was it all based on a budget?  Will your decorating change in the next year?  Do you even care?  haha

As they say – what you wear says a lot about a person (though I have to disagree on that being true 100% of the time),  so does your home, your place where you live, eat & sleep say what you think other people feel about you???  I’d love to hear about it!


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